The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a variety of resources for students preparing for class presentations or academic fellowship interviews. In addition to the resources offered on this page, students can contact CTL and other HWS professional staff for one-on-one presentation and interview assistance.


Honing Your Academic Communication Skills

A Model for Analysis -This page provides an analytical framework for your individual academic situations.

Attentive and Critical Listening - Provides descriptions of what it is to listen attentively and critically.

Listening Strategies - Provides quick strategies on how to improve your listening skills.

Researching Your Topic

Ensure Reliable Information - This is a tutorial to ensure that the information that you get from the web is reliable. A must-see for anyone who does web research.

Supporting Your Points

Evidence - A good page on how to use evidence effectively. This applies to writing as well as speaking.

Reasoning - Information on the different forms and fallacies of reasoning.

Effective Delivery

Transitions - Tips on how to move fluidly from one point to the next in your presentation.

Successful Presentations - Tips for all aspects of pulling off an effective presentation.

Argumentation and Persuasion

Critical thinking - This page is packed with information. The main categories include: parts of an argument, analysis of arguments and common fallacies.

Critical vs. Non-critical - Illustrates the differences between critical and non-critical thinking.

Public Speaking Class

The Centennial Center for Leadership offers a Public Speaking Readers College each semester. Contact Coordinator of Leadership Programs Morgan Hopkins at hopkins@hws.edu for more information.



Parliamentary Debate - This page provides a general introduction to the type of debate that the colleges' speech and debate society participates in.

American Parliamentary Debate Association

Debate Resources

Everything about Debates - A comprehensive site that provides information about many aspect of debate including different types of debate, videos, products as well as info about competitive debate.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate - This page provides everything you need to know about Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Provides procedural guidelines as well as strategy tips.

Cross-Examination Debate - This site provides a really comprehensive look at C-X debate and contains everything from “Initiation” to a breakdown of each speech in a C-X debate.

Debate Argumentation - A complete argumentation textbook. By Robert Huber (University of Vermont)

HWS Debate Team

The Hobart and William Smith Debate Team travels to tournaments and holds them on-campus, too. No previous experience is necessary to join the team. Contact HWS Debate Coach Professor Eric Barnes at barnes@hws.edu for more information.

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Quick Contacts

Practice Class Presentations: CTL Assistant Director Ruth Shields at shields@hws.edu

Public Speaking Class: Coordinator of Leadership Programs Morgan Hopkins at hopkins@hws.edu

Academic Fellowship Interviews: CTL Assistant Director Ruth Shields at shields@hws.edu

Job Interviews: Career Services Office cso@hws.edu

HWS Debate Team: Professor Eric Barnes barnes@hws.edu

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