Connect: Where should I network?

You will run into professionals in a variety of settings, from where you volunteer or attend religious services to job and internship fairs right here on campus. The point is to get out and mingle in groups where you are most likely to encounter professionals who can help. This is called 'planned happenstance.'

Online networking is incredibly popular due to social networking sites like LinkedIn. If you do not yet have a profile on LinkedIn, consider creating one! LinkedIn provides a very helpful Grad Guide which walks you through everything from conducting company research to building your professional network, all using LinkedIn resources.

Here are other places where you can increase your network:

  1. Volunteer
  2. Job Shadow
  3. Join a club, organization, or professional association
  4. Informational Interviews
  5. Search for these contacts using the Career Network

*Your online presence is important! Three out of four recruiters conduct internet searches on potential candidates.


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