Connect: What is Networking?

Networking is meeting people, getting to know them, and building a lasting relationship that may develop into professional opportunities. 

  • Building relationships: A continuous process of giving and receiving
  • Not just swapping business cards
  • Quality is more than quantity- 15 reliable contacts who you have built a lasting relationship with is better than a 100 who you barely know and who barely know you. 
  • Begins well before you are looking for an opportunity

Why should I be networking?

  • To learn about an industry, career field or occupation
  • To receive career advice and clarify your career goals
  • To build ongoing relationships
  • To establish relationships with people that can assist you in your job search
  • To learn about job/internship openings
  • To become comfortable communicating your career interests in a professional manner

(Source: St. Olaf Piper Center for Vocation and Career-


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