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Networking is developing relationships with professionals for the purpose of career exploration and learning about job openings. 75% of jobs are not advertised and found through networking.

Purposes for Networking

  • To learn about an industry, career field or occupation
  • To receive career advice and clarify your career goals
  • To build ongoing relationships
  • To establish relationships with people that can assist you in your job search
  • To learn about job openings
  • To become confortable communicating your career interests in a professional manner

Networking is NOT

  • Asking for a job
  • A one-time event
  • A one-sided relationship

Request for a Networking Meeting Email Outline

Steps to a Successful Networking Experience

Questions to ask in a Networking Meeting

The Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development coordinates the Professionals in Residence speaker series, which brings alums to campus to talk about their career fields and allows for one-on-one meetings as well. Students also network through other events on campus, including the President's Forum and Fisher Center Speaker Series. Additionally, the career center coordinates Winter Break Networking Programs. Trips provided during winter break that allow you to network and learn more about particular industries. All programs are coordinated in conjunction with alum and parent participation as site hosts and speakers. You can learn about career opportunities and how to prepare for them. Programs that have been provided in the past include: Day on the Hill, NYC Finance Experience, L.A. Media and Entertainment, NYC Advertising/PR Day, Non-Profit Day, and Fashion Day.

Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing

Career Network
With over 5,000 volunteers, the Career Network is a means for students to talk with alumni, alumnae and parents about their career paths. Volunteers provide networking opportunities within their field, possibly serve as a mentor, refer students to hiring personnel within their organization, and perhaps provide an internship or entry-level job to a Hobart or William Smith candidate. The Career Network is available on the student computers in the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development in Trinity Hall.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 150 million members and growing rapidly.

Benefits of LinkedIn

  • Excellent resource to build and maintain connections with alumni and alumnae, internship contacts and employers
  • Exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broad network of professionals
  • Follow companies you would like to work at and learn about the organizations and their employees to prepare for interviews
  • Showcase your experience and career interests to potential employers and contacts by creating a complete profile
  • Join groups to become immediately connected with professionals with a common background or interest

Attend a Social Networking Workshop or request an appointment with a member of the Career Services staff by completing the online form to learn more about LinkedIn.

How to build a professional student LinkedIn Profile

How to find your career passion using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Etiquette for students and Recent Grads



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