• 10 Tips for Parents of Prospective College Students
    Here are a few tips for parents with children who are contemplating a college education or who are currently enrolled in college.

  • A Career Planning Course for Parents
    Many college students struggle with deciding on a career path. Parents can help their college students through this process, either by sitting back and being patient or offering advice and encouragement.

  • A Parents' Guide to Career Development
    One of the most valuable things parents can do to help a student with career planning is listen: be open to ideas, try to help your student find information and be nonjudgmental. Here are 10 ways you can help.

  • Hovering Parents Enter Career Air Space
    Trend watchers have dubbed some mothers and fathers "helicopter parents" because of the way they hover over their childrens' every decision and try to handle life steps instead of allowing their adult children solve the problems.



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