Connect: Cover Letter Creation

A cover letter is your chance to introduce yourself to an employer and to make a good impression. It needs to be well written and will hopefully lead to an interview. A cover letter should go through more than one draft and you can make an appointment with a Career Counselor to review it for you.

Writing a Cover Letter

  • Refer to the Resume/Cover Letter Guide to review the format
    • Make sure you have the address for the contact you are writing to

  • Your first paragraph is an introduction and the reason as to why you are applying
      • The first sentence needs to be catchy! Remember that someone will be reading a lot of cover letters and you want yours to stand out
      • Name the position you are applying for and where you found it
      • Why do you want to intern/work for this company? Do some research- what impresses you about them?
      • Where did you find the posting?

  • The next paragraph highlights your qualifications
      • Look at the posting and resume- which skills overlap?
      • Use specific examples- Do not restate your resume
      • Relate your academic preparation

  • The closing paragraph thanks the contact for their time, and outlines your plan to follow up
    • Refer to your enclosed resume
    • Indicate how you can be reached
    • Thank the reader for their time and consideration

Make sure to use the Resume/Cover Letter Guide or schedule an appointment for more help!

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