Connect: Job Search

Job Search Checklist

  • Prepare and update your résumé, then have it critiqued by a member of the Career Services Office
  • Talk with a with a Career Counselor and/or employer developer in the Career Services Office to brainstorm networking contacts and a list of potential employers
  • Network with contacts in your industry, friends, family and alumni/alumnae
  • Utilize the Career Network
  • RESEARCH! Use all resources available to find out about careers, job titles, responsibilities and organizations
  • Develop a 30 Second Pitch to assist with making initial cold call inquiries and asking for an informational interview
  • Develop cover letters for opportunities in which you are applying and have them checked by a career advisor
  • Do mock interviews for practice (available through the Career Services Office)
  • Keep a spreadsheet of all the employment applications you send and copies of all correspondence

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