The Salisbury Center for Career Services has policies and procedures established for appointments, as well as the job and internship search to provide a basis for ethical conduct. Please keep in mind these policies are in place to protect you and the employer. Unprofessional behavior by students hurts the Career Services' office reputation and the Colleges’ reputation with employers, which can ultimately deny students recruiting opportunities.

  • ALWAYS be professional in manner and speech.
  • ALWAYS exhibit a positive attitude.
  • ALWAYS be on time for appointments, both in the Career Services Office and professionally.
  • ALWAYS research potential employers.
  • ALWAYS display professionalism while interviewing.
  • ALWAYS dress appropriately for the occasion.
  • ALWAYS address others by their professional titles.
  • ALWAYS be honest about your qualifications.
  • ALWAYS thank people for their time and opportunity, both before and after meeting.
  • ALWAYS follow up an interview immediately with a thank you note to the employer.
  • ALWAYS honor your commitments.

Interview "No Show" and Late Cancellation Policy

Submitting a resume requesting an interview and scheduling an interview are formal commitments to the employer. If you are selected for an interview for which you submitted a resume you are committed to scheduling an interview and showing up for the interview unless a legitimate reason arises.

A "No Show" is defined as someone who:
a) submits a resume expressing interest for an interview, is selected by the employer for an interview, but fails to schedule an interview time;
b) schedules an interview with an employer and does not show up for the interview;
c) cancels an interview less than 24 hours before the interview.

Career Services is aware of "No Shows". If you become a “no show” you will be required to submit a letter of apology to the employer. The letter must be turned into the Career Services office with a stamped, addressed envelope within one day of the missed interview. If this policy is violated a second time, campus recruiting privileges will be revoked.

Acceptance Policy for Permanent and Internship Jobs

After accepting a job offer, you should NOT continue to interview. You must notify Career Services of your acceptance and cease further activity.

Accurate Representation Policy

Always provide accurate information during the job search process. Do not falsify work experience, GPA, dates, eligibility, leadership roles, etc.


By acknowledging this document, you are stating that you have read and agree to abide by the policies stated herein. If you have questions about the Code of Conduct, please contact Brandi Ferrara, Senior Associate Director of Career Services at (315) 781-3514 or



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