HWS Presents at National BioChem Conference

A group of HWS students and faculty representing the Colleges' Biology and Chemistry Departments recently participated in the 2015 Annual American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Conference, one of the leading academic conventions of its kind. In attendance were Caitlyn Mitchell '15 and Carly Rolph '15, as well as Associate Professor of Biology Patricia Mowery, Professor of Chemist...  More >>

Mahajan '15 Reflects on Pre-Med Internships

Blackwell Medical Scholar Melissa Mahajan '15 always knew she wanted to study medicine, and has spent the past four years at HWS advancing that goal. Before heading off to SUNY Upstate Medical University College of Medicine this coming fall, Mahajan '15 is spending her senior year interning with general surgeon Dr. Kristin Baltazar-Ford at Finger Lakes Health, Geneva's local hospital. Previously,...  More >>

New Biology Study Examines Bats in 3D

Professor of Biology James Ryan and two HWS student researchers have started a new study this spring that's giving them a rare, non-invasive look at the earliest stages of bat development. Using micro CT to create high definition 3D/4D digital models, the project will enable the team to examine bat embryos at a level of detail that can yield datasets far more precise than dissection. "There are d...  More >>

HWS Juniors to Attend Upstate Medical

When Hannah Connolly '16 and Courtney Franceschi '16 first met while they were high school students, they bonded over their mutual interest in medical school and the options offered by the partnership between HWS and SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, N.Y. Upon arriving at HWS, the two reconnected, becoming fast friends and roommates. Following their passions, both Connolly and Francesc...  More >>

Surveying California's Mojave Desert

Deep in California's Mojave Desert, Professor of Biology James Ryan recently set out on a scientific excursion to survey the vertebrate biodiversity found in a remote area of the vast southwestern landscape. Working with volunteers from Blueprint Earth, a nonprofit dedicated to cataloging small portions of the Earth's environments, Ryan designed and implemented a survey that's being used to ident...  More >>

Colleges’ Passenger Pigeons Noted

An article in New York State Conservationist includes Hobart and William Smith as among the institutions to contain specimens of the extinct species, the passenger pigeon. The birds are part of an extensive collection amassed by Elon Howard Eaton, who established the Colleges' biology department. An article about Eaton's collection is available on the Daily Update. The New York State Conservation...  More >>

Feller '06 Publishes Trailblazing Study

New research on mantis shrimp larvae conducted by Kathryn Feller '06 has gained significant attention this fall with the publication of a trailblazing study in The Journal of Experimental Biology, as well as coverage by National Geographic and Discovery.com. Feller, whose doctoral work is on the subject, also has successfully defended her dissertation, "The Visual Ecology of Stomatopod Larvae,” a...  More >>

Brown, Students Find Bloody-red Shrimp

Associate Professor of Biology Meghan Brown was featured in an article in the Auburn Citizen for having, with her students, recently confirmed the presence of bloody-red shrimp in Cayuga Lake. The students designed a survey to test for the presence of the bloody-red shrimp at 11 sites in Cayuga Lake this fall. Brown and students collected shrimp samples from 7 to 11 p.m. Brown says the inedible...  More >>

Mugel ’13, Cosentino Publish on Amphibians

An article co-authored by Stephen Mugel '13 and Assistant Professor of Biology Bradley Cosentino was published in a recent issue of Biological Conservation. Titled "Citizen science reveals widespread negative effects of roads on amphibian distributions," the study used data collected by volunteer citizens over the past two decades that was analyzed by students from HWS and eight other colleges a...  More >>

Pichardo ’15, Helfrich Design a School

Since the spring, Jericsson Pichardo '15 and Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Joel Helfrich have worked on a project to help the nearby Rochester City School District (RCSD) open a new public school, the Rochester River School. Its curriculum will draw from that being developed by the Institute for Humane Education for schools it plans to open in New York City in two years, as well as...  More >>