Biochemistry NEWS

Collaborating on Cancer Research

Alvin Randall ’19 holds up his assay to test potential anti-cancer agents on MCF-7 breast cancer cells in Rosenberg Hall.Under the direction of Associate Professor of Biology Patricia Mowery, Alvin Randall ’19 has been developing protocol modifications for assessing cell metabolic activity within breast cancer cells. Randall’s work is…
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Students Present at Chemistry Conference

ACS_2The American Chemical Society (ACS) welcomed Associate Professor of Chemistry Justin Miller, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kristin Slade, Assistant Professor Elana Stennett and six HWS students to present their research…
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Miller Hosts Chemistry Cooking Competition

ACS_3During the American Chemical Association’s annual conference in New Orleans, Associate Professor of Chemistry Justin Miller hosted the Creole Cooking competition— where student teams went head-to head Food Network-style in…
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Spectroscopy Expert Saykally Visits

Saykally_Richard_2Richard J. Saykally, professor of chemistry at University of California Berkeley and a leading expert responsible for pivotal advances in spectroscopy, will discuss the molecular complexities of water on Thursday,…
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Melvin ’18 Pursues Chemistry Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins

Melvin_Sophia_2After Commencement this spring, Sophia Melvin ’18 will head from Geneva to Baltimore, Md., where she will continue her studies at the renowned Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. program in chemistry.…
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