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The Department of Art and Architecture offers three independent, yet vastly integrated, programs of study: Architecture, Art History and Studio Art. Art History and Studio offer a disciplinary major, a B.A., and minor.

Studio Art majors take a rigorous set of foundations courses at the 100-level, and quickly move on to highly focused courses in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and digital imaging. These courses are designed to help each student to explore a broad range of concepts, methods and materials while developing individual ideas.


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Requirements for the Studio Art Major (B.A.)

disciplinary, 12 courses

Three courses from the following 100-level courses: ARTS 105, ARTS 114 or 115, ARTS 125, ARTS 165; four 200-level studio art courses; two 300-level studio art courses; and three art history courses.

Requirements for the Studio Art Minor

disciplinary, 6 courses

Two courses from the following 100-level courses: ARTS 105, ARTS 114 or 115, ARTS 125, ARTS 165; two 200- or 300 level studio art courses; one art history course; and one additional studio art course.


Our students choose from a variety of introductory and advanced courses in architecture, art history and studio art, each designed to provide students with a foundation in visual culture as well as the creative means of discovery and self-expression.

Below, you'll find a sampling of some of our most popular classes, as well as suggestions for making Studio Art a part of your larger interdisciplinary experience at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

ARTS 115 Three Dimensional Design


Be introduced to three-dimensional design concepts, methods, and materials and complete assignments that involve investigations of organization, structure, and creative problem solving. Use your knowledge of design concepts and problem solving and enroll in ARCH 200, Design Studio I: Basic Architectural Principles, and explore the nature of design processes in architecture.

ARTS 209 Watercolor


Go on excursions to urban and rural settings while exploring the fundamentals of painting with translucent color media by working with still life, figure and landscape subject matter. Discover the art of the Tibetan culture by enrolling in ASN 231 Tibetan Mandala Painting where you will learn traditional methods of painting and mandala construction.