Friday, March 19, 2004

Off-campus Event: The University Club of Washington, D.C. 

Dee Dee Myers

Former White House Press Secretary, Political Analyst
and Commentator

Election 2004: An Insider's View

Political analyst and commentator Dee Dee Myers is highly sought-after as a lecturer on politics, current events and women’s issues. Her standing engagements include contributing editor with Vanity Fair magazine and regular guest appearances on NBC’s “Today Show.” In addition, Meyers acts as a consultant for the television drama “The West Wing” and runs her own business, Dee Dee Myers & Associates.

Myers has the distinction of being the youngest White House Press Secretary, and the first woman to hold the position, when she served in that capacity under President Bill Clinton in the early 1990s. As press secretary, Myers participated in a wide range of events and initiatives, from the signing of the monumental Mideast peace accords to the passage of Clinton’s first budget. In addition, she was part of the President’s official delegation on trips to 25 foreign countries.

Before joining the Clinton administration, Myers worked on a variety of local, state and national political campaigns. She served as press secretary during Dianne Feinstein’s 1990 gubernatorial bid in California, and worked on the presidential campaigns of Gov. Michael S. Dukakis and Vice President Walter F. Mondale. She also worked on the staffs of Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and California State Senator Art Torres.

In 1995, Myers appeared as the liberal co-host of the CNBC talk show “Equal Time,” discussing daily political developments with Mary Matalin and, later, Bay Buchanan. She left the show after two seasons.

A graduate of Santa Clara University, Myers lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband, Todd S. Purdum, a correspondent for The New York Times, and their two children.


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