Congressman Barney Frank

April 12 , 2001

Since 1980, Barney Frank has represented the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts in the House of Representatives. In the 107th Congress, Congressman Frank serves on the Committee on Financial Services and the Committee on the Judiciary.

Frank graduated from Harvard College in 1962. He served as Chief Assistant to Mayor Kevin White of Boston for three years and Administrative Assistant to Congressman Michael Harrington for one year. In 1972 Congressman Frank was elected to the Massachusetts Legislature, where he served for eight years. During that time he also graduated from Harvard Law School and became a member of the Massachusetts Bar in 1979.

While serving in local and state government Congressman Frank taught part-time at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and Boston University. Frank has published numerous articles on politics and public affairs, and a book in 1992 titled Speaking Frankly, an essay on the role the Democratic Party should play in the 1990s.



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