John Hockenberry

John Hockenberry, award-winning journalist, joined the spring 2011 President's Forum as part of the Colleges' Festival for Disability in the Arts.

Currently, Hockenberry serves as co-host of "The Takeaway," a radio broadcast for Public Radio International and New York Public Radio, and is a contributing broadcaster to both "The DNA Files" and "The Infinite Mind." Hockenberry has been the recipient of four Peabody Awards, four Emmy Awards, an Edward R. Murrow Award, and a Casey Medal for his work at ABC and NBC. During his tenure at NBC, Hockenberry served as a correspondent for "Dateline," and hosted two of his own programs on MSNBC, "Hockenberry" and "Edgewise."

He is the author of two books, "Moving Violations: War Zones, Wheelchairs and Declarations of Independence" and "A River Out Of Eden." Hockenberry is a paraplegic, having suffered a spinal cord injury in a car crash at the age of 19.

During the first Gulf War, Hockenberry reported from an extensive number of countries including Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Iran. He also spent a significant amount of time broadcasting from Kurdish refugee camps in Iraq and Turkey, and was one of the first Western journalists to do so. Hockenberry also reported on Palestinian uprisings from Jerusalem for two years during the height of conflict.

In addition to his work as a reporter, Hockenberry has served as a contributing editor for Condé Nast Portfolio and Metropolis magazines. In the past, he has written for the New York Times, The New Yorker, Wired and The Washington Post. Hockenberry holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Oregon.


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