Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Diversity Plan

Beginning in the summer of 2016, HWS faculty, staff, students and the past chair of the board of trustees engaged in a semester-long initiative to develop recommendations to address challenges around five key areas: recruitment and retention, teaching and learning, space, community development, and student relations. The following report helps inform the overall institutional priorities and the work of the Chief Diversity Officer.

Strategic Diversity Plan





Teaching and Learning 1.1

Foster discussions within departments, programs, and offices focused on improving ways in which our courses, pedagogy, research, service, and co-curricular opportunities enhance diversity education, experiences and provide supports for students from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Provide tangible financial and structural supports for emergent ideas and initiatives, and create and maintain a robust accountability system that builds on existing processes and improves means for self-assessment.

In progress

Piloted a departmental review with Geoscience to explore questions pertaining to the curriculum, inclusive pedagogy student and faculty diversity.  The ODI will continue to work with departments undergoing a program review to embed a diversity analysis.

Recruitment & Retention 4.1

Develop ongoing assessment practices aimed at improving diversity and inclusion in the recruitment and retention of faculty, students and staff. This should be part of routine institutional level assessments and evaluations.

In progress

The ODI is exploring a partnership with the NY6 to implement a campus climate survey to assess the experiences of faculty , students, and staff.

Recruitment & Retention 5.2

Recognize and reward offices, departments, programs, and individuals that contribute to promoting diversity, inclusion, equity by a) supporting diversity programming, b) valuing such contributions in teaching, service and scholarship through the tenure and promotion process for faculty and the performance evaluation process for staff and c) granting awards, fellowships and/or other formal recognitions for such activities.

In progress

The ODI established a new institutional award- the Diversity and Inclusion award to be awarded to one faculty and staff member annually.

Student Relations 1.1

Create opportunities to infuse diversity education throughout the student co-curricular experience (paying particular attention to where gaps may exist). Consider using HWS Day as a required, campus-wide opportunity to engage in conversations about diversity and inclusion. Sustained opportunities for dialogue through a cohort model should be considered as part of the first year experience and then expanded to include the larger student body.

In progress

The ODI is partnering with Residential Education and faculty to explore a pilot intergroup dialogue program for students in the residence halls.

Student Relations 1.4

Continue generating opportunities for dialogue between Campus Safety Officers and students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in an effort to support critical dialogue and conversations about race inequality and cultural divides. Efforts for increased dialogue and engagement could include implementing a liaison and or advocate from Campus Safety to work specifically with and support cultural clubs.

In progress

Campus Safety continues to partner with the ODI on programming and workshops. In the Fall, campus safety partnered with the ODI to host a panel discussion on police violence. In the summer, the ODI was invited to host a workshop on student diversity and addressing campus climate issues. Campus Safety has also diversified its staff by hiring two officers of color.



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