EcoRep program

EcoReps are committed student volunteers that work with the Office of Sustainability to improve sustainability practices at HWS. Among other efforts, the EcoReps manage the Green Room Certification, explained in more detail below.

The Green Room Certification (GRC) program began in 2012 and was a huge success! This program is desired to ensure that students are living in the most sustainable way possible within their residential space. In addition, the program educates students about how to go about their daily routine in the most sustainable way possible. Certification is awarded by EcoReps who are responsible for each residential space.

In 2012, the Office of Sustainability aimed to certify 25 percent of residential spaces by the end of September. That goal was surpassed early in the month with over 228 rooms becoming Green Room Certified. For more information click here.

Campus Greens

Campus Greens is the student sustainability club at HWS. They advocate sustainable practices on campus and encourage a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle within the HWS community. For more information, see the Campus Greens facebook page.

Sustainable Foods Club

The Sustainable Foods Club is a student club that manages a campus garden and encourages sharing conversations and considerations for local food systems. For more information, see the Sustainable Foods Club facebook page.

Student Research Opportunities

New Spring 2014: The Carver and DeLaney Family Environmental Studies Endowment seeks to encourage and support student sustainability projects on the Hobart and William Smith campus and in local communities. Grant funding (up to $1000) can be used toward supplies, materials and travel expenses. Students must obtain a staff or faculty project advisor. Awards are determined by the Office of Sustainability, in consultation with the Finger Lakes Institute, Environmental Studies program, and others on campus. Awards are based on criteria such as: anticipated impact on campus and/or local community sustainability efforts, student and project support by advising faculty/staff, and feasibility of the project.
Guidelines for Proposals

Environmental Research Grants support environmental research projects in the amount of $250 - $1,000, which can be used for supplies, materials and travel expenses. Students enrolled in ENV 450 Independent Study or ENV 300/301 Senior Integrative Experience may apply. Early Career students are also encouraged to apply for this fund. Selection will be based on criteria such as: relevance to environmental studies, student motivation, preference to students early in their careers, feasibility of the project and student academic record. The Selection Committee is made up of both students and faculty.
Guidelines for Proposals

The Kloman Fellowship Fund is designed to underwrite Hobart or William Smith student research projects about whales and the natural environment up to $1,000, which may be used for supplies, materials, travel and living expenses. Students work with a faculty sponsor. Selection is determined by the Kloman Fund Selection Committee and is based on criteria such as: relevance to Kloman's interests, student motivation, feasibility of the project and the student's academic record.
Guidelines for Proposals


Green Room Certification is a quick and easy way to learn about sustainability and how to be more sustainable at HWS. Take the GRCertification online, meet an EcoRep, and be entered to win a prize for your floor/house.

HWS energy dashboard

Classroom Sustainability Report
Please use this link to report on the sustainability of your classroom(s). Your participation will assist with the improvement of academic spaces on campus.


If you have any questions or comments about sustainability initiatives at HWS please feel free to contact us at sustainability@hws.edu or (315) 781-4380.