The Students that Wear the “BAD”ge of Honor
EcoReps 2014-2015

Name: Mary McLoughlin
Major: Architectural Studies
YOG: 2015
Email: mary.mcloughlin@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I like reusing seemingly disposable objects in craft ways. Such as, eating a whole jar of peanut butter and then cleaning it out and using it to store everyday objects.

Name: Ellie Barnard
Email: Elizabeth.barnard@hws.edu
YOG: 2017
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I have a habit of being very careful of how long I shower and how much I use water because I know how valuable clean and fresh water is.

Name: Yeseswi Basnet
Major: Architectural Studies
YOG: 2016
Email: yeseswi.basnet@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I have stopped purchasing plastic water bottles and have been using reusable water bottles. A habit I would like to develop into having is to always walk on campus and to go to and from downtown, no matter what the weather is.

Name: Natalie Bishop
YOG: 2018
Email: Natalie.bishop@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: If I see a piece of trash of something that can be recycled on the ground I pick it up and carry it to the correct bin. I also generally take things that people put in a trash bin, ex. paper and put it in a recycling bin.

Name: Emily Blanchard
Major: Environmental Studies and Media & Society
YOG: Class of 2017
Email: emily.blanchard@hws.edu
Quirky Ecohabit: I have a compulsive habit of turning the lights of when I leave rooms or even when I'm in other places and can tell the lights aren't necessary. The habit gets quirky when I don't realize other people are in the shower or my roommate isn't done with the lights.

Name: Liam Brooks
Major: Economics and Environmental Studies
YOG: 2017
Email: Liam.brooks@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I am a patriotic “leave no trace” camper.

Name: Alex Cirra
Major: Environmental Studies and Public Policy
YOG: 2017
Email: Alexandra.cirra@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I am bothered when someone chooses to not recycle his or her paper waste and plastic bottles. Is walking a few steps to the recycling bin really too much ask? Needless to say, I’m an avid recycler.

Name: Stacey Davis
Major: Enviromental Studies
YOG: 2015
Email: Stacey.davis@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: In the winter, I force my family to keep the thermostat at 52 degrees and we live by candle light to conserve energy.

Name: Hannah DelFavero
Major: Biology
YOG: 2015
Email: Hannah.delfavero@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: Over the past couple of years I have become very interested in signing up for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). By supporting local, organic farmers will have an extremely positive impact on the local community and this helps promote sustainability. I hope that I will soon convince my family to sign up.

Name: Alanna Dugan
Major: History
YOG: 2015
Email: alanna.dugan@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I really love growing vegetables in my garden, so I would like to have my own composting station at my house. My grandmother uses soil from her compost in her garden, and she has been showing me how it works. I think this is a great energy-efficient way to create more nutrient rich soil and crops.

Name: Perry A. Fennell
YOG: 2015
Email: Perry.fennell@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I don’t flush my toilet unless I absolutely have to.

Name: Ben Gamache
Major: Environmental Studies
Email: benoit.gamache@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: The quirkiest sustainability habit I have is timing my showers. I try to see how quick I can shower in order to save water. Every time I jump in the shower I try to beat the time I had previously while still coming out clean.

Name: Dollian Garo
Major: Economics
YOG: 2015
Email: Dollian.Garo@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I do not like to see trash on the floor so I will most likely pick up something on the floor. It depends on the amount or what it is. I never throw trash on the floor. I have walked an empty glass bottle or something plastic for more than 30 minutes until I found a trash can.

Name: Devon Genut
Major: Religious Studies and Psychology
YOG: 2016
Email: Devon.genut@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I would like to use a reusable coffee mug more often so that I don’t add more cups into the landfill, but luckily at our school our college composts them. However, I am the type of person who turns the lights off even if I will only be out of my room for three seconds, just so I don’t waste electricity.

Name: Angelina Godderz
YOG: 2017
Email: angelina.godderz@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I rarely have the lights on in my home, and whenever my family members turn them on during the day I tend to immediately turn them off and open a curtain instead. I also ride my bike for my only form of transportation during the summer, and enforce carpooling when an automobile is necessary.

Name: Genesis Gonzalez
YOG: 2017
Email: genesis.gonzalez@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: The quirkiest sustainability habit I currently have is using the least amount of water as I possibly can. I do this by taking shorter showers and washing my clothes in cold water. Lately I’ve also been recycling most of my waste as well as persuading my friends to do the same.

Name: Julianna Hartnett
Major: Environmental Studies and Political Science
YOG: 2017
Email: Julianna.hartnett@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I became a vegan at the end of last year after learning about how huge agribusiness diminishes our water resources in an unsustainable way. This disturbed me, so as part of a class project in my environmental ethics class taught by Professor Crawford, I took on the challenge of maintaining a vegan diet for a week. This was so that I could reduce my carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The food I ate used less water in its production and came from farms closer to where I bought it. The challenge proved to be enlightening and I have tried to maintain a vegan diet since.

Name: Juliana Heffern
Major: Psychology and IR
YOG: 2017
Email: Juliana.heffern@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: My quirkiest sustainability practice is switching the lights off in every room I leave in an effort to save energy. This is a good habit, but can be somewhat embarrassing as I have accidentally turned the lights out on people in the bathroom of my dorm!

Name: Elizabeth Herbst
YOG: 2017
Email: Elizabeth.herbst@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I’m really into recycling and I will walk across the room or hold onto my recyclables until I pass a recycling can. I also am known to reach into a garbage just to correct someone’s laziness or lack of care and take the recyclable or compostable item and put it in the correct bin.

Name: Katherine Hill
Major: Environmental Studies & Sociology
YOG: 2015
Email: Katherine.hill@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: My quirkiest sustainability habit right now is the switch I made this summer from using shampoo to using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair. This is better for me and the environment because the ingredients in shampoo can be very harsh, and it decreases the amount of water I use because I don’t need to wash my hair as often.

Name: Raven Yujun Jiang
YOG: 2018
Email: Yujun.jiang@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I use both sides of all paper, such as past assignments, flyers or draft paper and throw the paper which is fully used, into the recycle bin. I have collected a stack of single-sided paper on my desk!

Name: Andrew Kane
Major: Environmental Studies and Geoscience
YOG: 2016
Email: Andrew.kane@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I would like to work or intern at the Animal Sanctuary in Watkins Glenn.

Name: Mollie Kenerson
Major: Environmental Studies and Anthropology
YOG: 2015
Email: Mollie.kenerson@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I would like to use all of my non-compostable waste in a way that either creates something else or that can be used for eco-building projects, leaving nothing for a landfill, which is possible now.

Name: Allison Kilroy
Major: Anthropology/Sociology
YOG: 2015
Email: Allison.kilroy@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I have a habit of chasing my family around the house reminding them to turn off lights. I have become quite conscious of lights being left on when they do not need to be and my family always knows when I am home that they have to make sure to shut things off, otherwise I go around doing it.

Name: Alex LaMonte
Major: English and Political Science
YOG: 2017
Email: Alex.lamonte@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I love thrifting! Though I will admit that the bulk of my wardrobe is bought new, I often seize opportunities to buy used clothes for costumes and theme parties in order to reduce my contribution to things such the water pollution that results from factory runoff. I also maintain a vegan diet, which further helps me to reduce my environmental impact.

Name: Emma Link
Major: Environmental Studies
YOG: 2015
Email: emma.link@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I hate to have to buy various items or waste things when I’m out and about, either at camp, or anywhere with my friends. They all call me Mary Poppins. In my backpack for camp now, I always carry a bamboo spork, and extra foldable water bottle, a sewing kit, safety pins, etc. If I’m ever in need of various things, like a spoon, fork, water bottle, or I’ve ripped something, I’d rather use what I have in my backpack or purse than waste utensils or other materials. It’s proved to be very useful!

Name: Raymond Ma
Major: Biology
YOG: 2017
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I really hate plastic milk jugs to be thrown in the landfills, so I always wash them out and recycle them in my neighborhood’s local recycling program.

Name: Kelly Mauch
Major: Environmental Studies and Public Policy
YOG: 2017
Email: Kelly.mauch@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: In my dorm bathroom last year, one sink faucet always dripped. Although it only dripped slightly, I always had to screw it on tighter when I walked by (even if I didn’t use that sink and it was 3 am).

Name: Haley Norrgard
Major: Geology
YOG: 2015
Email: Haley.norrgard@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: As of now, I obsessively check to see if things are recyclable. Not just what I throw away, but also what those that live with me throw away. I aspire to try to limit my spending to things with recyclable plastic or only a small amount of packaging materials.

Name: Emily Ott
YOG: 2017
Email: emily.ott@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I hope to one day live in a house that is completely off the grid. No heating bills, no electric bills.

Name: Danielle Pape
Major: Architectural Studies
YOG: 2015
Email: Danielle.pape@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I always bug people about recycling and have been known to go through the trash to take all recyclable materials out of it.

Name: Jericsson Pichardo
Major: Environmental Studies
YOG: 2015
Email: Jericsson.pichardo@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: A sustainability habit that I aspire to have is to re-use more things and also use more biodegradable products.

Name: Kelly Punch
Major: Environmental Studies
YOG: 2016
Email: Kelly.punch@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I brush my teeth in the shower. It saves water and time!

Name: Aislinn Raftis
Major: Writing and Rhetoric and Environmental Studies
YOG: 2015
Email: Aislinn.raftis@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: If people put recycling in the trash, I will sometimes move it over to the correct bin.

Name: Emma Reilly
Major: Environmental Studies
YOG: 2017
Email: Emma.reilly@hws.edu

Name: Lesly Rivero
Major: Psychology
YOG: 2017
Email: lesly.rivero@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: If you walk into my kitchen, you may notice cereal in a container that reads “Animal Crackers” or open a container of “I can’t believe it’s not butter” and find some rice (oh, it’s actually not butter). Overall, I love recycling and reusing because it means I am setting an example for other people and helping the world overall. Even though I may not be making a huge positive impact, it’s good enough for me. P.S. I apologize in advance if I turn off the light and leave you in the dark before I leave the room, it’s a habit.

Name: Allie Rubin
YOG: 2017
Email: Allison.rubin@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: When I had a dog I had buckets of worms that would eat my dogs poop and it would create fertilizer for the garden. That’s kinda quirky.

Name: Amanda Salzman
Major: Biology and Environmental Studies
YOG: 2016
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I have a habit of telling people to stop paying for bottled water and to just have a refillable one to reduce plastic waste and its also cheaper for them in the long and short run.

Name: Elizabeth Savage
YOG: 2017
Email: elizabeth.savage@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I feel extremely guilty when I leave a room without shutting off the light or unplugging any appliances or technology I have been using. Even if I am leaving a public bathroom or an empty classroom it has become a habit for me to switch off the lights.

Name: Carly Simmons
Major: Architectural Studies and Studio Art
YOG: 2016
Email: Carly.simmons@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: This summer, I have made it my mission to take shorter showers. I am timing myself from the second the water turns on to the second it shuts off. In my effort to take shorter showers, I have also been planning a specific order to my shower routine (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) in order to obtain maximum efficiency.

Name: Matthew Skinner
Major: Physics
YOG: 2017
Email: matthew.skinner@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I like the page “The Mind Unleashed” on Facebook, and they once posted something about how much society could change if we started growing gardens instead of grass. I truly believe in this. People could become more self-reliant and less dependent on large and greedy corporations.

Name: Breezy Swete
YOG: 2017
Email: briana.swete@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I love giving fun reusable water bottles as gifts (especially if I notice that friend using plastic water bottles).

Name: Joseph Sylvia
YOG: 2016
Email: Joseph.Silvia@hws.edu

Name: Olivia Todd
Major: Biology
YOG: 2015
Email: Olivia.todd@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I aspire to one day build and run my own family medical practice that is able to run completely "off the grid."

Name: Chad Tokowicz
YOG: 2018
Email: Chad.tokaowicz@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I rarely throw things away after they break, instead of buying a new one i always seek to fix or repair the item, and oftentimes with hard work and some time I succeed.

Name: Sara Volo
Major: Biology
YOG: 2017
Email: Sara.volo@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: We have a compost area in our backyard at home! My mom won’t let me throw away food. Also, this isn’t my habit but my dad rides around on his bicycle and collects plastic bottles to return. He has made a killing recycling what other people won’t.

Name: Hannah Wood
YOG: 2018
Email: Hannah.Wood@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I hope to do personal composting in my dorm room.

Name: Yukun Yang
YOG: 2018
Email: yukun.yang@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I hope to reduce my meat intake during each meal, in order to reduce GHG emissions.

Name: Amelia Zhao
Major: Environmental Studies
YOG: 2017
Email: Amelia.zhao@hws.edu
QUIRKY ECOHABIT: I’m in love with, and so fascinated by, electric cars. I am a car enthusiast and the new electric car revolution is something that I keep a close eye on and I think it is a terrific new wonder that people are catching on to very quickly. I think it is great because people are increasingly interested in these new cars and their technology, the motor market is becoming increasingly competitive in terms of who can provide the most environmentally friendly car.



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