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Learning takes place where there are opportunities to become more informed about other cultures and religions, hear other peoples' viewpoints on national and international relations, discuss current events and pop culture and debate public policy and human rights issues.

To foster Hobart and William Smith's inclusive identity, the campus community offers a wide variety of academic and social events which reflect and promote the cultural diversity of our campus Cultural Clubs and Events- (Hobart and William Smith is home to more than 15 cultural clubs, including Pride Alliance representing the LBGT community, Hillel, Asian Student Union and Latin American Organization. Each of these clubs celebrates their unique cultural identity with annual campus events, like Take Back the Night, the Caribbean Student Association's Celebrate Diversity Dinner and the Black Student Union Charity Ball.

Speaker Series and Symposia-HWS also regularly hosts a variety of speaker series and symposia, which bring prominent visitors to campus. Through series like The President's Forum, The Fisher Center and Human Rights and Genocide, students have a chance to meet and engage leading thinkers, like Madeleine Albright and Ralph Nader, on topics of national and cultural significance.


Myrick to Speak at GHS

HWS Presidential Fellow and Ithaca Mayor Svante L. Myrick will address Geneva High School on Friday, Jan. 30 at 9:15 a.m. in the GHS auditorium, as part of the LEAP (Lead Excel Achieve Progress) Initiative. Sworn into office in January 2012, Myrick became, at 24, the City of Ithaca's youngest mayor and first mayor of color. He was first elected to the Common Council at the age of 20 while still a...  More >>

"Respect for All" Commemorates Dr. King

The spring 2015 semester will begin with students and community members gathering to commemorate civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Throughout the first week of the semester, the Colleges and the city of Geneva will host "Respect For All: It's Still The Dream," offering an array of memorial services and volunteer opportunities in honor of Dr. King. On Monday, Jan. 19, all members of the G...  More >>

Community Joins Solidarity Events

Students, faculty and community members gathered for a non-violent procession, performance and eulogy earlier this month in honor of the life of Michael Brown, the Missouri teen killed this summer by Police Office Darren Wilson. After a three month investigation, a grand jury declined to indict Wilson. "We are very interested in ensuring that we recognize people are affected by the grand jury dec...  More >>

Solidarity in Geneva

Members of several local churches as well as members of the greater Geneva community and Hobart and William Smith will gather Sunday in the wake of recent grand jury decisions in New York City and Missouri clearing white police officers in the deaths of black citizens. The "Black Lives Matter Sunday, Day of Prayer" event is scheduled from 3:30 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 14 at the Mt. Calvary Churc...  More >>

HWS Forms Alpha Phi Alpha Chapter

This spring, Hobart and William Smith will establish the Upsilon Pi chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity on campus with the formation of the charter group of members. Alpha Phi Alpha, whose motto is "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All," fosters the principles of leadership, academic excellence, service, and advocacy. The organization presents leadership opportunities for a...  More >>

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