From The Chronicle of Higher Education

Highlights of President Obama's Budget for Education and Research for the 2010 Fiscal Year

New Programs and Policies

Estimated Cost Over 5 Years

Automatically increase Pell Grants to keep pace with inflation


Provide fund for states to help low-income students complete college


Make $2,500 tuition tax credit permanent


Make research and experimentation tax credit permanent


Estimated Savings Over 5 Years

Eliminate subsidies for lenders in federal student-loan program


Overhaul Perkins Loan program


Limit tax benefits for charitable contributions and other itemized deductions for families earning more than $250,000


Other Proposed Spending

Proposal for FY2010

Estimated Spending for FY2009

Additional Money Included in the Economic-Stimulus Bill

Education Department




National Science Foundation




Cancer research, National Institutes of Health


Not available

$10-billion (for cancer and other biomedical research)

Expansion of broadband capacity for education and other purposes in underserved areas


Not available






Corporation for National and Community Service




NOTE: The president's budget plan does not include detailed numbers for many programs. The White House plans to release more-specific information about its budget recommendations later this year. Spending levels for the current, 2009 fiscal year are estimates because Congress has not yet approved a final budget for 2009. In some spending categories there is no comparable information for 2009; those categories are marked "not available."

SOURCE: White House Office of Management and Budget